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1 1465/2017 Anatomical observations of foramen vesali and its clinical significance Login
2 1460/2017 Effect of sage on Hypertensive patients Login
3 1512/2017 Perforations in endodontics Login
4 1513/2017 Influence of curing time and bonding agent in respect to discolouration of coposite restoration Login
5 1550/2017 Incidence of physiological Goitre among students aged 17-25 years A questionnaire based study Login
6 1551/2017 Oral health index of adolescent school children in rural Login
7 1472/2017 Temporomandibular Joint Model: Anatomical Comparison Between Human and Rat Login
8 1485/2017 Antibacterial effect of garlic extract on growth of staphylococcus aureus Login
9 1557/2017 Inflammatory response and microbial adherence in intraoral resorbable sutures - a systematic review Login
10 1490/2017 Knowledge, attitude and practice amongdental practioners regarding adhesivesin patients wearing maxillofacial prosthesis Login
11 1515/2017 Effect of herbal toothpaste in comparison with toothpaste in commercial use in reducing streptococcus mutans count Login
12 1509/2017 Adolescents and AIDS: A Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs about AIDS in Chennai Login
13 1534/2017 Endodontic management hot tooth in clinical practice -a questionairre survey Login
14 1458/2017 Morphometric analysis of occipital condyle in human adult dry South Indian skulls Login
15 1516/2017 Review article on beliefs and myths of people regarding vitiligo Login
16 1338/2017 Dr. Appointment And Communication Android Application Login
17 1338/2017 Dr. Appointment And Communication Android Application Login
18 1559/2017 Occlusal morphology of Permanent Mandibular Second Molar Login
19 1535/2017 Status of partial edentulism and its restoration: A study in the age group of 18–25 years among the sub-urban population of kanchipuram Login
20 1422/2017 Study of bacteria available in smoked fish prepared from processed condition by Indigenous method. Login
21 1398/2017 Tuberculosis of ankle – a case report Login
22 1412/2017 A study on FDI investment in various sectors with special reference to Make in India Login
23 1413/2017 Aurangabad: a weaving town of heritage textiles Login
24 1424/2017 Diuretic activity of Hydro-alcoholic extracts of Nyctanthes arbortristis in Albino Rats Login
25 1405/2017 Taste masking of drugs: an extended approach Login
26 1381/2017 Optical and Electrical Conductivity Measurements of Induced Reentrant Smectic phases of in Ternary Mixture of Liquid Crystalline Materials Login
27 1417/2017 A Powerful Binding of Plant Bioactive Compound Swertiamarin to OmpF Porins Resembling Antibiotics–An in Silico study Login
28 1389/2017 Possibility of using control cards in the improvement of medical services quality Login
29 1421/2017 Association of SLC6A9 (rs2286245) polymorphism with essential hypertension in south Indian population Login
30 1439/2017 Effect of surface polishing and oral beverages on the surface profile and color stability of two composite resins – in vitro Login
31 1408/2017 The Effectiveness of English Movie Subtitles in Vocabulary Learning Among Iraqi Kurdistan EFL Learners: Soran University EFL Learners as an Example. Login
32 1434/2017 Formulation of indigeous protocol for the management of muscular distrophies. Login
33 1437/2017 Sources of knowledge, and awareness regarding Hypertension among medical students- the influence of gender Login
34 1438/2017 Improving the nutritional value of weaning slurries by Imbrasia truncatacaterpillar meal Login
35 1463/2017 Morphometric analysis of hypophyseal fossa in south indian dry adult human skulls Login
36 1495/2017 Knowledge, awareness and practice of tooth polishing agents among dental practitioners Login
37 1492/2017 Awareness about children’s oral health status among parents – A questioinnaire study Login
38 1491/2017 Caries prevalence in rural areas of kancheepuram district – a pilot study Login
39 1445/2017 Design of an isolated full bridge micro inverter Login
40 1488/2017 Toxicity of silk dye waste on Lung of Swiss albino male miceMus musculus and its mitigation by using Moringa oleifera leaf extract. Login
41 1461/2017 Knowledge and awareness of ANUG among dental students Login
42 1545/2017 Psychological distress and coping strategies among patients with temporomandibular disorders (tmds) Login
43 1446/2017 Does family history of Hypertension in first year MBBS students influence knowledge regarding diagnosis and management of hypertension? Login
44 1508/2017 Pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis with bronchial asthma Login
45 1466/2017 Detection of hly-A gene encoding alpha hemolysin in urinary isolates of Escherichia coli from Tertiary care hospital in Kancheepuram Dist. Login
46 1442/2017 Can sonography act as an adjunct in assessing and anticipating the severity of dengue fever-Our experience in a tertiary hospital. Login
47 1521/2017 Increasing trend of junk food use in college students and health implications Login
48 1522/2017 Determination of sex by using the length of adult femur bones Login
49 1523/2017 Oral manifestations arising in Rheumatic fever Login
50 1497/2017 The knowledge and awareness of dental practitioners on the uses of anti-microbial agents in mouthwashes-a survey Login