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51 1468/2017 Detection of neuC gene encoding capsular polysaccharide among the urinary isolates of Escherichia coli from tertiary care hospital in Kancheepuram Dist. Login
52 1467/2017 Patients attitude towards dental taboos Login
53 1455/2017 A comparative study on 2nd year syndrome among dental, medical and nursing students Login
54 1456/2017 Status of malocclusion among adults in rural areas Login
55 1451/2017 Nitrogen assimilating enzyme of azolla as influenced by potassic fertilizer Login
56 1431/2017 Company performance: analysis of hardskill, soft skill and motivation at the pt. manunggal perkasa Login
57 1469/2017 Oral cancer: a systematic review Login
58 1470/2017 LumbarSpondylolysis : A Review Login
59 1487/2017 Estimation of individual height in correlation with femur length Login
60 1453/2017 Antifungal activity analysis of3 essential oils (Thyme, Ajwain and Orange) on Candida albicans. Login
61 1477/2017 Awareness of breast cancer among south indian women: a survey Login
62 1452/2017 Awareness about Seborrheic Dermatitis among Chennai population : A survey Login
63 1478/2017 Effectiveness of Papers 53 app in Teaching Methodology Login
64 1517/2017 Dynamics of the exchange rate in Nigeria. Login
65 1526/2017 Breast Cancer Awareness Amongst Dental Students in Chennai. Login
66 1527/2017 A Systematic Review: The Prevelance of Partial Edentulourism in Patients with Ectodermal Dysplasia. Login
67 1540/2017 Awareness of halitosis among the general population Login
68 1533/2017 Awareness of bp among outpatients Login
69 1511/2017 Need for Orthodontic Treatment and Self-Perception of Malocclusion among Young Adults in Chennai Login
70 1509/2017 Adolescents and AIDS: A Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs about AIDS in Chennai Login
71 1514/2017 The business model analysis of wika lab using business canvas approach Login
72 1140/2017 Estimation of glucose levels in blood and saliva-a comparative study Login
73 1505/2017 Hepatic jaundice - A review Login
74 1504/2017 Oral manifestation araising in actinomycosis Login
75 1503/2017 Awareness amongst dental students about the harmfulness effects of beverages Login
76 1502/2017 Morphometric analysis of location and position of foramens present in the middle base of the skull Login
77 1450/2017 Antibacterial activity of eucalyptus oil against clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa Login
78 1454/2017 Knowledge and attitude on surgical procedures in management of cleft palate Login
79 1433/2017 Staging of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Login
80 1332 Evaluation of Positional Accuracy of EPID using IMRT Graticule Phantom in Extended Source to Imager Distance Setups: Formalism of QA Login
81 1328 Cytomorphological spectrum of papanicolaou smears - a hospital based retrospective study Login
82 1324 Production of L-asparaginase from rhizosphere soil fungus Aspergillus tamari Login
83 1323 Role of Ultrasound guided FNAC in axillary staging in Breast Carcinoma with no clinically palpable axillary lymph nodes. A prospective study. Login
84 1267 A Review on Singular perturbed Delay differential equations Login
85 1201 Neurobiological effect of physical exercise on euphoria Login
86 1304 A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding breast self examination among grade iv staffs working at selected hospital chennai Login
87 1248 A study to assess the knowledge of house wives regarding hazards of plastic and its safe disposal in an urban community Login
88 1307 On the location of zeros of polynomials Login
89 1305 A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching program on knowledge regarding prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia among the staff nurse working in intensive care unit in selected hospital Login
90 1312 Quality of Work Life Revisited: A Review of Related Literature Login
91 1001 Press1 Login