Phenotypic profiling of virulent escherichia coli isolated from urinary tract infections from western districts of tamil nadu

Srinivasan Manivannan and Premkumar A

Objective: Urinary tract infection is a frequently encountered problem in developing and developed nations. There are various methods to identify UTI pathogens with different specificity and sensitivity. The study focuses on monitoring the prevalence of E.coli in patients with Urinary tract infections and UTI suspected patients.
Methods: The methods include preliminary processing of samples by culturing in BHI and screening of E.coli in EMB Agar. Further microbiological and biochemical characterization were carried out for identification.
Results: A predominant presence of pathogenic E.coli accounting for more than 50% of UTI was observed.
Conclusion: The results are indicative of an efficient screening and isolation method for E.coli in patients with UTI and UTI suspected patients. Moreover the antibiotic sensitivity screening patterns will aid in the treatment regime of the cases

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