Ecologically sustainable development in the uttarakhand himalaya

Shivam Goswami, Shivangi Goswami and Kavita Tariyal

Mountain territories are important ecosystems. They are also a major source of energy, minerals, agricultural and forest products. They greatly influence global and regional climatic conditions. But the fragile ecosystem of the mountains and their vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change, deforestation and forest degradation, not only put pressure on the environment but also on the communities dependent on them. Sustainable approaches to development are therefore particularly important in mountain regions. The policies of the mountain region like Uttarakhand have to take into consideration their natural geographic peculiarities, economic potential without neglecting indigenous people and ethnic minorities. By nurturing sustainable development in mountains through promoting policy dialogue, transfer of sustainable technology, innovative financial approaches, strengthening the mountain community, ensuring that mountain issues are prioritized could improve the livelihood of people along with protecting the mountain environments.

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