Design and implementation of smart shellfish trap

Vijayalakshmi R and Sridevi S

Commercial fishing has always been a very dominant part in the rural economy of our country. At the present scenario very traditional and outdated fishing techniques form a prime process in the fishing occupation. To have a better output from the fishing industry it becomes a primary concern for us to employ better techniques. Large scale shellfish catching is done by placing several shellfish trap at many locations in the sea bed. There places are selected as per the best previous catches. There traps are then collected after some interval. To build a system where in make use of traps aligned with IR sensor to count the number of shellfish entering to the entrance compartment this ensure number of fishes have entered the trap. Another IR sensor is placed in storage compartment which is used to count the number of fishes entering the storage compartment via the entrance compartment. Then, the proximity sensor is placed in storage compartment, it continuously blinks whenever fish is over it. If this process is done along with the GPS to find the location because using number of traps. It will be implemented by fish tank and depends upon the size of the fish tank the trap will be used.

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