Comparative analysis of resistance in sighted and visually impaired people

Olga Savina and Olga Kvasova

In the present study the influence of a personality meaning work on the successful coping with traumatic experience is examined. In personality and trauma research aroused the concepts: resilience, hardiness, coping, overcoming characterizing person's ability to resist, withstand stress factors, crisis, extremities -the situation in which people are not only injured, suffering, but also solves life problems: not only adapt, but take courage to overcome adversities, be capable for loving and working, constructing, and grow Theoretical basis of this study is understanding of resilience (Maddi, 2013), the provisions of meaning activity- approach, focusing on positive aspects of extreme situation and meaning constructive personality work with stress\trauma experience (Magomed-Eminov, 2009).. The study was aimed at identifying resistance in extreme situations by the comparative analysis of stories by sighted people and visually impaired people with its various etiologies (blind from birth and have lost their vision due to injury). The assumption that there were differences in manifestation of resistance in people with visual impairment (congenital or acquired as a result of injury) was tested, The data provided additional insight into the resources and areas of personality work in the visually impaired - seeking ways of coping with it and fulfill personality work which actually makes it possible to transform negative resources into positive outcome of the disaster on the provisions of meaning activity- approach.

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