In-vitro study on growth kinetics of haemophilus influenzae

Navinraj Theneri Irudhayaraj and Ananda Arone Premkumar

The study aims at optimization of the ideal conditions of pH and rpm with different time intervals for better growth of Haemophilus influenzae. Broth cultures were grown for a period of 24 hours with different pH and rpm. The OD was recorded every six hours to study the growth pattern and growth conditions.The peak OD was recorded with culture at pH of 7.2 and rpm of 200. There have been various reports of invasive infections caused by non type b serotypes and the advent of non-typeable strains and failure of hib vaccinations in such conditions. In this context culturing and rapid diagnosis of strains become vital. Though the nutritional requirements of Haemophilus species are similar there has been no data on the growth patterns. The maximum OD recorded was 0.78 at 24 hours after inoculation.

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