In vitro propagation of solanum surattense burm. f by high frequency multiple shoot induction from floral bud explants

Ugandhar T., Venkateshwarlu M., Odelu G., Srilatha T and Anitha Devi U

An efficient and reproducible protocol has been developed for in vitro propagation from floral bud in Solanum surattense on MS medium fortified with various concentrations of cytokinins such as BAP and Kn individually and also in combination with auxins IAA(0.5mg/L)+BAP/Kn (1.0-8.0mg/L) and NAA (1.0mg/L) +BAP/Kn (1.0-8/0mg/L) for multiple shoot induction. High Multiple shoot buds/explnt (35.0 ± 0.35) proliferation was observed at NAA(0.1mg/L) and Kn (5.0mg/L) from the floral bud explants within four weeks of culture was attained. Individual shoots were aseptically excised and sub cultured in the same media for shoot elongation. The elongated shoots were transferred to (IBA) (1.0–5-0 μM) for root induction. Rooting was observed within two weeks of culture. Rooted plantlets were successfully hardened under culture conditions and subsequently established in the field conditions. The recorded survival rate of the plants was 96%. Plants looked healthy with no visually detectable phenotypic variations.

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