Victim identification, identification devices, lead information and communication technologies in teaching and learning through open and distance education system: a paradigm shiftfoil

Deepak Kem

Education, a socially oriented activity, is a significant factor in the building of any society. Traditionally quality educationists were dependent on the teachers having higher degrees. But in today’s world there is shift towards digital information, globally, and with ICTs in the education sectorits role is becoming significant and the extent will only continue to grow and develop as the use of ICTsin education amplifies accessibility, resulting in higher number of enrollments of deprived students.

This article discusses the role of ICTs in education, with special reference to open and distance learning education (ODL). ICT at present has alteredevery aspect of our lives. They are recognized as catalysts for change. ICTs is a part of our day to day lives of work, information, communication, entertainment and also in the field of education. Therefore, the present article also attempts to explore the promises and the key challenges of integrating the tools of ICT with the ODL system of education as the impact of ICT on each sector of life across the past twodecades has been enormous. Through these last twenty years, the use of these technologies has practicallytransformed human life. ICT has begun to have a presence in the ODL education sector, but unfortunately we are lacking to achieve its desired impact. This paper also attempts to highlights the various advantages of ICT in ODL education and also discusses the advantages along with the scope it offers for future developments.

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