Traditional uses of herbal potential for the treatment of rheumatism in raebareli district (uttar pradesh)

Singh B. K.

The present study has been carried out among rural communities inhabited in different areas of the Raebareli district (Uttar Pradesh) during 2008 to 2009 suffering with rheumatism. The aim of the study was to explore and document herbal plants including inherent medicinal potential to be used in human healthcare practices, especially to cure rheumatism a most common but serious health problem of mankind. Total 32 plant species belonging to 26 families are identified which have been employed by the rural community of the study area to get rid of from this very popular problem. Voucher specimens of cited plant species were collected and identified following standard procedures of herbarium preparation and consulting relevant reputed flora. The plants have been enumerated with botanical names followed by local name, family, plant parts used, mode of administration and uses.

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