Thermal response to cold in buildings with green covers for tropical climate; green facades and green roofs

Nuria Pérez Gallardo., Gustavo Zen de Figueiredo NEVES., Maurício Sanches Duarte SILVA., Victor Figueiredo RORIZ.,., Adriano Rogério Bruno TECH and Francisco Arthur da Silva VECCHIA

The primary objective of the present study was to demonstrate the benefits that building using natural elements can provide to indoor environments when in low temperatures. For this purpose, an experimental procedure was carried out to enable comparison of the thermal behavior of four systems: a prototype called ‘Control’ (without vegetation), and three different combinations of vegetation (roofs and facades), installed in a tropical climate region. The internal surface temperatures, the internal air temperature, and the external environmental conditions were recorded simultaneously. The results obtained show that the use of plant systems in buildings did not deliver significant results for the type of climate studied. A difference in 1ºC regarding air temperature and in 2ºC for superficial temperatures were registered between the Control test cell and test cells built with vegetation.

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