Substrates and types of cuttings of lippia alba (mill) n. e. brown

Coelho, MFB., Spiller C., Azevedo RAB and Camili EC

Three experiments were conducted to evaluate the best type of cuttings and substrate for the propagation of Lippia Alba. In the first treatments were a) medians cuttings without leaves; b) with four leaves; c) with two leaves at the bottom; d) with two leaves at the top. In the second treatments were a) cuttings with leaves; b) middle cuttings with two leaves; c) middle cuttings without leaves; d) Median cuttings with leaves. In the third experiment the treatments were a) sand; b) sand garden with manure; c) sand garden with goat manure and d) arisco. A higher number of leaves (16. 25), root length (10cm) and survival (100%) on the cuttings with four leaves. Median cuttings without leaves showed the highest survival rate (100%). The propagation of L. Alba can be made with middle cuttings with four leaves and sand substrate.

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