A study of ureteric stricture in genitourinary tuber-culosis

Rajesh KM., Saravanan K., Jayaganesh R and Ezhilsundher V

Over a period of 1 year,cases diagnosed with GUTB were analysed as a prospective study
The ureteric stricture in relation to cases of GUTB, in this series is 40%
In comparison with those of Western authors,our incidence is much higher,and the trend is rising despite the improvement of socio-economic conditions and living standards in recent years GUTB commonly affects male population,and this study male predominance is 80% for GUTB and 40% for ureteric stricture due to GUTB Commonly it affects the age group of 20 - 40yrs.In this series 40% of GUTB and almost 80% of ureteric strictures were from age group of 20 - 40years There was no evidence of Bilateral disease.Multiple strictures was found in 10%,Ureteric stricture with ipsilateral renal function deterioration 30%.
Ureteric stricture was on Left side in our study and Lowerureteric stricture(50%) was the commonest area affected. Nephrectomy was performed in 2 patients(50%),in spite of our measures to save renal unit. Despite our recent efforts of applying the interventional endoscopy and refining the surgical skills and techniques,our ultimate outcome rests unsatisfactory.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.3715.0352