Study of sexual dimorphism and tooth size variation in canines in south indian population

Manthra Prathoshni S., Yuvaraj Babu K and Karthick Ganesh

Sex determination is an important step in determining the biological profile of unidentified human remains. It is done using craniofacial morphology, tooth dimensions and DNA analysis. In addition, the resistance of teeth to postmortem insults render them as a valuable tool in forensic investigation. The existence of sexual dimorphism in permanent teeth is a known phenomenon.Among many methods, odontometrics is the easiest and accurate way of determining the sex of an individual in forensic sciences as some teeth namely canines, molars show sexual dimorphism.
The aim of this study is toanalyze the presence of sexual dimorphism in the mesiodistal diameter of permanent canine teeth in the samples of South Indian population and to determine the sex of an individual using dimensions of the canines in permanent dentition.The mesiodistal diameter of the canines were measured for 50 patients visiting Saveetha Dental College aged between 20 to 45 using manual vernier calipers. It was found that mesiodistal measurements of maxillary and mandibular canines of males than in females.

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