To study the operating procedures of stock markets and suggest strategies for transparency in transactions

Aparna Goyal

Stock exchange provides the stock brokers to trade the company stocks and other securities the stock can be bought or sold provided the condition that it is listed on an exchange. Therefore it is the meeting place for the stock buyers and sellers. Indian main stock exchanges are the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. The study deals with the basic principles of stock market how it functions what are the key words and principles used in stock market and how BSE and NSE formed what standards they use to deal with the global stock market and also discussed what stock market can offer to investors and the risks involved in stock markets, different types of markets available for investors, what are stocks, bonds, cod, mutual funds, what are stock market trading strategies, derivatives markets and their products, learnt NIFTY, BSE Sensex and also discussed a case study about the stock market crash in 2008 which has brought crisis globally and what are the factors that caused for the stock market to crash and what are the sources of failures and the persons responsible for this market crash 2008 and had a brief look into the stock market crash how and where the crisis started what factors led to the crisis and the effect of the crisis what are the firms that suffered, collapsed and went to bankrupt and what initiatives does the nation took in order to cure this market crash and rescue the firms that were about to go bankrupt. Factors responsible for Indian stock market fall has also been scrutinized which gives the overall view for the stock market crash in 2008.

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