Study of kata kolok: how the deaf people of bengkala express their basic needs

Dian Rahmani Putri, IGM Sutjaja, Aron Meko Mbete and I Wayan Pastika

This research focuses on sign language, namely, kata kolok, which is used by the local deaf community in Bengkala village, Buleleng, Bali. It looks specifically into customs, culture and their religious life. The aim of this research is to contribute to the references for the sign language system used by the Kolok community in Bengkala village. The data obtained are primarily qualitative, specifically the meaning of ‘words’ in the form of sign language. The data were collected by interviewing, observing, and video recording the Koloks with the support a native sign language translator. The data were analysed using the content analysis. This research is intended to generate a Kata Kolok dictionary and comprehensive documentation and effective information dedicated to signers or sign language users. The result of this research is to acquaint linguists with signs expressing basic needs.

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