A study on internet awareness among the students of dibrugarh university

Ratna Das and Manashee Gogoi

The present study has been undertaken to access the internet awareness among the students of Dibrugarh University. The researcher adopted both purposive and incidental sampling technique to select the sample for the study. The data were collected from 958 students of both liberal and professional programmes of study using a structured Internet Awareness Scale. Collected data was statistically analyzed and interpreted using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Findings of the study indicated that there was a significant difference between the students of Liberal and Professional Programme of study under Dibrugarh University so far as their awareness towards internet is concerned. A significant difference of internet awareness was also observed between the students of Science, Arts and Commerce stream. The study also revealed that male students have more awareness towards internet than the female students with respect to the dimension of concept of internet, browsing information from internet and browsing academic information from internet.

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