Study on the efficacy of pelvic floor strengthening exercise on general health and renal function in patients with chronic renal failure

Arunachalam D., Subash Chandra Bose G., Anand Babu R and P.Pandian

Chronic kidney disease is a condition that damages the kidney and decreases the ability to keep healthy and reduce the functional ability of the person. Many studies have revealed that exercises improve the health and functional ability of the persons with chronic kidney disease. Hence we planned to administer selected strengthening pelvic floor exercise to improve the functional ability of the patients with chronic kidney disease. Our study reveals that on the day of seventh the blood pressure was a mean value of 141 with S.D 9.6 and pulse, mean value of 78.4 with S.D 4.44. Respiration, mean value of 22.8 with S.D 1.86 and GFR mean value of 47.2 with S.D 26.03. On the day of first the blood pressure mean value was 151.33 with S.D 15.25 and Pulse, mean value of 80.27 with S.D 4.39. Respiration, mean value of 23.67 with S.D 2.17 and GFR mean value of 43.2 with S.D 24.69.The demographic variables like, gender, religion and type of family, educational status, occupation, income, diet was not associated with functional status only age has significant association. The p-value is 0.034.

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