Study on cropping pattern of agricultural finance credit borrowers and non-borrowers farmers in allahabad district, u.p

Rohin John., Dinesh Kumar and Nahar Singh

Agriculture forms the core sector of the Indian Economy. It accounts of nearly 15% of the aggregate National Income and provides livelihood for more than 60% at the working population of the country. Credit plays role of improving agriculture production, productivity and thus mitigating the distress the farmers. The purpose of the study is to identify the cropping pattern of borrower and non-borrower farmers. The impact of credit is measured in terms of cropping intensity. Average Cropping intensity (small, medium, large) of borrowers farmer is high with respect to non-borrower’s farmers Further, Small and medium size group’s credits borrower’s and non- borrowers farmers allocated comparatively higher area to the vegetable crops as compared to large size group beneficiaries.

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