A study to assess the effectiveness of educational intervention package regarding prevention of teenage pregnancies among the b.sc nursing students at sree balaji college of nursing, chennai

V.Hemavathy., SathyalathaSarathy and GiniJancy Mohan

The World Health Organization consider adolescence to be the period between 10-20 years during which individual undergo significant psychosocial and psychosexual development.Teenage pregnancy is one of the burning issues and emerging as a serious problem today all over the world and more so, in the developing countries like India, as early marriages and early pregnancy are the accepted cultural norms of our society.In recent years the incidence is increasing due to early onset of puberty.The study was carried out in selected college of nursing in Chennai.Sample sizes of 30 were selected by non-probability convenient sampling techniques. A questionnaire was prepared comprising set of 20 questions covering the objectives. The concluded that in pre-test, a majority of the 1st yearB.Scnursing students 16(53%) had inadequate knowledge , 14(46.6%) had moderate adequate knowledge and no one had adequate knowledge.In post-testmajority of the students 27 (90%)gained adequate knowledge, 3(10%) gained moderate adequate knowledge and no one had Inadequate knowledge.

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