A study of abdominal tuberculosis in cases of acute abdomen

Shashi Prakash and Thakur I.S

Background: Tuberculosis infection causes 7 million new cases and 2.5 million deaths in year, making it one of the top ten killer disease. Tuberculosis is a social disease with medical aspects, described as the barometer of social welfare.
Methodology: This study includes patients of acute abdomen admitted in department of surgery Patna medical college, Patna from September 2015 to august 2017. In this study total 220 cases of acute abdomen were included in this study, after thorough clinical examination, investigation will be done to confirm diagnosis, surgery will be done if indicated and tissue sample sent for histopathological examination.
Result: Incidence of tuberculosis in this study in cases of acute abdomen found to be 30%. Pain abdomen was most common presentation. Morbidity in this study was 12% and Hyperplastic type was most common histopathological type.
Conclusion: Acute abdomen is one of the most common presentation of abdominal tuberculosis. Thorough tissue diagnosis is essential for further evaluation and management of these cases. Surgery along with antituberculus treatement is the best way of management in these cases.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.7833.1237
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