Some studies on investigating the concept of determining thermal conductivity of various insulating powders materials by using sphere in sphere method

Shubham Sharma and Shalab Sharma

Insulating materials are the most powerful tool for design and construction to achieve high energy conservation in building, automobile sector, thermal power plant etc. Recognizing the need and efficient use of heat energy and its conservation in every sector. This paper is tried to find out the thermal conductivity of insulating powder with varying temperature. Study shows that the thermal conductivity of pop powder, rock sand, and brick sand powder is increasing with the increase in temperature, on the other side the thermal conductivity of marvel sand is decreasing with the increase in temperature. Practical investigation show that the thermal conductivity of pop powder is suitable for 0 0C to 100 0C temperature, thermal conductivity is 0.221W/mk to 0.439 W/mk within this temperature range, which is very much less as compared to other selected insulator materials. In the next highest temperature range 1000 c to 1200 c the mixture powder (POP + Brick sand) thermal conductivity is (0.41 W/mk to 0.48 W/mk), in this temperature range this mixture powder give us a effective result of low thermal conductivity instead of other selected insulator materials. In Indian market cost of pop powder and brick sand is Rs.14 and Rs.8 per kg respectively so according to our working condition we can choose a more suitable insulator material.

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