Solubility and molecular forces

Satish A.Ahire and Ashwini A.Bachhav

Solubility have major importance in a large number of scientific disciplines and practical applications ranging from ore processing to the use of medicines and the transport of pollutants. Solubility is one of the characteristic property of a substance which is commonly used to describe the substance, to distinguish it from other substances and as a guide to applications of the substance. The synthesis of chemical compounds in a laboratory or in industry, need the knowledge of the relative solubility’s of the desired product as well as unreacted starting materials, byproducts and side products to achieve separation. The knowledge of solubility useful in separation of mixtures. The solubility data is required in diverse field such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industry and environment which are related to economy and social problems such as pollution. The purpose of this review is to provide an insight to the various concepts related solubility. In this review, a relatively simple approach for understanding the concepts of solubility, the solution process, the mechanism of solution process and forces involved in the solution process. This review article will beneficial for the students, the practicing chemical engineers and scientist.

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