Socket preservation for implants with collagen sponge and prf membrane versus natural healing:a comparative study

Pratik Narsikar., Sahith Kumar Shetty and Ganesh S

Aim & Objectives: To evaluate whether bone resorption around tooth sockets after extraction can be reduced by socket preservation techniques. Evaluation of efficacy of collagen sponge and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) membrane as a socket preservation material.
Materials and Methods: Ethical approval was taken from the institution and informed consent from all patients was taken before the commencement of the study. Collagen sponge and PRF membrane were used in test group in our study. 20 human extraction sockets were assigned alternatively in test and control groups (10 in each group). Test groups were preserved with collagen sponge and PRF membrane, control groups were allowed to heal naturally (without any graft for preservation). Bone width was measured immediately after extraction (baseline), and at the implant placement procedure along with implant insertion torque. Bone core was harvested from the implant osteotomy site and send for histological analysis in both the groups. Radiographic analysis included bone density measured with inverse gray scale method at baseline and again at duration of minimum 3 months. Bone resorption was measured at
baseline and after 3 months.
Results: Our study showed that although bone width was better preserved inthe test group (mean bone resorption after 3 months in test was 1.2mm and in the control was 1.65mm), it was statistically insignificant(p value 0.063).Test group biopsies had an average of 50.62% and control group had average of 31.59% bone surface mineralization. Radio density with grey scale value showed mean values of 7.5 8 for test & control respectively. Radiographic height showed mean group resorption, which was mean of 1.4 and 1.5 mm for test and control respectively. Torque was 28 Newton per square meter (N/Sqm) for test group and 30 N/sqm for control group difference being non significant statistically. (p value=.0795)
Conclusion : The combination of a platelet concentrate like PRF membrane with a simple space filler like collagen sponge is not statistically better in preserving the dimensions compared to natural healing of a socket. The authors concluded that socket preservation is better achieved with traditional bone substitutes rather than the economical option of collagen sponge and PRF membrane.

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