Sensitivity determination of antifungal drugs against lipase producing fungi isolated from oil contaminated soil of ujjain city

Wadia Toshi and Jain Sudhir Kumar

This research aims to evaluate the antimycotic activity of the few common antibiotics against screened lipase producing fungi. Six lipase producing fungal isolates as belonging to Aspergillus niger, Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus flavus, Trichoderma harzianum and Penicillium sp., 1 and 2 genera out of 35, showing maximum lipolytic activity were taken. These fungi were isolated from the different oil contaminated soil sites of the Ujjain City. Four antifungal antibiotics viz., Nystatin, Amphotericin B, Clotrimazole, and Fluconazole discs were used for the assessment of the fungal response. Potato Dextrose Agar medium was used and inoculated with fungal isolates and discs were placed and incubated for 5 days at 27˚C. Zone of Inhibition measured around the antibiotic disc recorded as indication of activity. Experiments were conducted in triplicates. Results reveal that most susceptible fungi for all four antifungal antibiotics is Aspergillus flavus and Penicillium sp.1 , while other four fungal isolates show different growth response for these antibiotics. All fungi were resistant for the fluconazole as no zone of inhibition was observed around the disc. This study suggests that effect of antibiotics on the growth of lipolytic fungi must be taken into consideration as these fungi were being isolated from the environmentally polluted sites and for the implementation of these fungi to the field level because antibiotics can affect the lipase activity which leads to the poor bioremediation capacity.

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