Secure reprogramming protocol using hybrid approach for wireless sensor networks

Sudhir T Bagade

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is used in adverse environments to gather the information as per the programs coded on a sensor. During the transmission of information the major concern is the security. It is required to reprogram the sensor node to revise the data/program on to it. But, this transmission of information needs to be protected. The existing study suggests that the protocols developed for providing the security are based on centralized and distributed approach. In centralized approach, one base station is used to reprogram the sensors, while in distributed approach many stations are designated to reprogram the sensors. The main focus is on the hybrid approach that combines the centralized and distributed approach together to reprogram sensor nodes. In this paper, we propose the secure reprogramming protocol (SRP) for the security of information. It have been evaluated our algorithm by using simulations and show that reprogramming time has decreased and throughput is increased as compare to existing protocol.

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