Screening of hepato-protective potential of ethanolic flower extract of tagetes erecta in ethanol induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Yogendra Singh., Mohd Asif Khan., Mohd Ruman Khan., Huma Noor., S. D Singh and Shashi BhooshanTiwari

The present study was designed to evaluate the hepatoprotective effect of ethanolic flowers extract of Tagetes erecta on ethanol induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Liver functioning and antioxidant levels of the liver were also studied to find out hepatoprotective action of Tagetes erecta and compared with standard Silymarin.Group I: administered distilled water served as control group. Group II: The ethanol treatment induced hepatotoxicity in rats at the dose 3.76g/kg, p. o.when administered twice daily for twenty five days. Group III: Silymarin was administered at dose of 200 mg/kg; served as standard group. Group IV: Tagetes erecta was given to rats at the dose 200 mg/kg; Group V: Tagetes erecta was administered at dose 400 mg/kg; both served as test groups. It produced statistically significant hepatoprotective effect on every parameter tested, in dose dependent manner. In conclusion, further research is suggested to identify and isolate the active moiety responsible for this activity. In conclusion, it can be used in the treatment of hepatotoxicity induced by ethanol.

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