Satisfaction level of patients, post dental implant treatment

Reshma HK., Preetham Prasad and Dhanraj

Aim: To evaluate the satisfaction level of patients, two years after post dental implant therapy.
Objective: Knowledge regarding patient's satisfaction will help motivate other patients to undergo dental implant therapy. This will also encourage them to undergo the treatment without the stress or anxiety which others might have. Understanding the patients satisfaction level will help the dentist understand the patients point of view and help improve on his/her methods.
Materials and Method: a total of 50 patients, who had undergone dental implant therapy about two years ago were evaluated. They were all given questionnaires to fill up based on Bjarni E. Pjeturrsson's article that was published in the year 2004.
Result: From the study that was conducted, we concluded that about 98% of the patients were satisfied with dental implant treatment. 88% of the patients were able to chew properly using their crown. 86% were satisfied with the phonetics and 88% for the aesthetics of the implant placed. 80% were able to clean their implants without any difficulty.
Conclusion: It was concluded from the study conducted, that most of the patients were satisfied with the treatment they received. It was also noted that more percentage of females were esthetically concerned.

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