Role and responsibilities of teacher and student in building modern india

APV Appa Rao., Rama Mohan J., Malleswara Rao L and Ramakrishna Rao P

The role of a teacher is to shape the minds of the younger generation. That shaping shall be on positive lines, development of a scientific and humanistic attitude and self discipline. A teacher has to generate the dynamism in also to inspire the students. The influence of teacher’s behavior plays an important role in the academic achievement of students. A teacher has to display exceptional empathy, persistence, diligence, sincerity, research orientation, honesty and flexibility as a person. In generating enthusiasm or avidity for learning, a teacher must be a good motivator. The teacher can do this by creating a very interesting classroom environment, and by using textbooks and other audiovisual materials which are fun to hear, read, and study. A Socratic method should be used to lead students to ask questions to get their answers. A good teacher will get his students ambitiously working hard by offering them rewards. These rewards would include comments such as "excellent" or "nicely done" on tests and assignments. A good wise teacher will run a student-centered classroom and teach inductively. Students must be responsible and held accountable for bringing their books and educational institution supplies to class, turning in assignments on time, making up missed assignments, and being punctual to class. In fostering a good learning environment, it is worthwhile for pupils to join in discussion groups and work together on projects. There is no better place than educational institution to develop civic responsibility. Teachers can develop this desirable behavior by setting a good example by not littering and picking up trash in public areas.

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