A review on the cardiac function during exercise

Pranati .T and Gowri Sethu

Topic: A review on the cardiac function during exercise.
Aim: To do a review on the benefits and mechanism of cardiac function during exercise.
Objective: As there are many positive outcomes on our health due to the alterations in cardiac function during exercise, this topic has gained importance.
Background: Cardiac function is altered during exercise. Cardiac output is the amount of blood that each ventricle pumps per minute. Cardiac output increases during exercise because the heart is trying to meet the muscles need for increased levels of oxygen. This is essential for the muscles to keep going. The maximum cardiac output during exercise is an indication of a healthy heart.
Reasons: This study is to create awareness about the good effects of exercise on cardiac function.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.2749.0096