Reversible germ cell toxicity of ethanolic extract of gloriosa superba in male rats

Himanshu Gupta., Dinesh Kumar Sharma and Kamal Kishore Maheshwari

The present study was designed to evaluate the antifertility potential of ethanolic extract of Gloriosa superba in male rats. The parameters related to fertility of males such as sperm count, sperm motility, percentage fertility and weight of sexual organs were observed. Group I received vehicle only p.o. daily and served as control. Groups II and III received ethanolic extract of Gloriosa superba (GS) at 100 and 200 mg/kg, respectively for a treatment period of 45 days. Group IV also received the ethanolic extract of GS at 200mg/kg for the full treatment period of 45 days but for evaluating the reversible effect of drug extract a washout period of 30 days was given in group IV. It was found that GS administration in male rats produced germ cell toxicity but the effect was reversible as evident from the recovery group.

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