Retinated canines 13 and 23, skeletal and dental class 1in 17-year-old male, treated with minimal invasive orthodontic and implant therapy

Anton Plattner

Introduction: Treatment of patient with retinated canines 13 and 23, skeletal and dental class 1 can be effectively treated with only niti wires by using PSL multi torque brackets, early elastics and mini-implant. Patient would like to correct retinated canines 13 and 23 and straighten teeth.

Objective: 17-year-old male patient (Fig. 1) withstraight profile; dental and skeletal class 1, retinated canines 13 and 23 (Fig. 2); treatment lateral adaption in upper archwith only niti wires and initial 2 once elastics using the Damon system.

Material and methods: The treatment was started with multi torque Damon Q brackets upper and lower fixed appliance.
Lateral cephalometric and panorex radiographs were taken at the beginning. (Fig. 3, 4)
The patient was followed for 2 years to document the stability of non-surgical orthodontic and non-maximal invasive expander treatment.

Result: Correction of the retinated canines 13 and 23. (Fig. 8, 9, 10, 11)

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