Research report on women’s online purchasing behavior: a study on hemtex company

Lalita Mishra

Over the past few decades, among the many industries the telecommunications industry owing to technological advancements, globalisation and most importantly liberalisation of the sector has made the industry very dynamic and exponentially growing. This industry has been pointed out to be one of the most competitive having an immense growth potential in the near future. These developments in this industry have made this area of global business an increasingly important area of research and investigation both in academic terms and by marketers and researchers in social science.This research paper keeping in mind, the growing industry would be studying the mobile phone industry in the United Kingdom, analysing the different factors that drive satisfaction among customers and eventually leading to loyal customers to any one of the many networks available in the UK mobile and network industry. This research would be looking at the dynamics of customer satisfaction, through elements of corporate image, trust, switch cost etc this establish their relationship with customer loyalty. In order to best understand this area of study, this research through different research methodologies would be analysing one of the most popular mobile and network providers in the United Kingdom O2.

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