Removal of fluoride from ground water by using bio-adsorbents like aegle marmelos (bilve patra)

Akshay Sharma, Surbhi benjamin, Dipti Soni, Rakshit Ameta and Paras Tak

Osteo-dental fluorosis was investigated in Fatehpura, Mewadi, Jhariyana, Indora, Deotalab, Dad, Bokedsal villages of Dungarpur and Matasula, Amlu, Dagar, Thada, Bhabrana, Dhamodar, Jhalara villages of Udaipur districts of southern Rajasthan, where fluoride concentrations in drinking waters range from 1.5 to 4.0 ppm. The aim of the present research work is to design and develop a novel, cost-effective strategy for fluoride removal from ground water. The feasibility of low-cost biomass-based adsorbent like Bilve Patra used for defluoridation of ground water at different pH and contact time the effect of this adsorbent on fluoride removal was compared with other available adsorbents. In ground water we found to be much better adsorbent with high removal efficiency at higher concentration (5 ppm) of fluoride. The effect of time for adsorbent and initial concentration of fluoride on the % removal was also studied. Adsorption was found to be pH dependent with maximum removal efficiency at pH 7.0 (in neutral medium).

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