Relationship between nurse to patient ratio and nurses’ satisfaction among registered nurses working in a selected private hospital, malaysia

Mini Rani Mary Beth and Suzisurainie Binti Yaacob

Background: Job satisfaction among nurses has been identified as the main factor that contributes to nursing shortage. Adequate nurse to patient ratios are important and is a key for nurse job satisfaction.Objective: The objective of this study is to assess the relationship between nurse to patient ratio and nurse’s satisfaction using self-developed questionnaire. Methods and materials: Data was collected from88 registered nurses who were working in Medical Surgical wards of a selected private hospital in Melaka, Malaysia.Random sampling technique was used to select samples. Data were analysed using SPSS version 22. Results: The registered nurses rated high for the statement ‘staff under stress cannot perform their job satisfactorily’. Besidesthat, a majority of nurses are highly satisfied with working in team and Continuous professional development and trainings. However, the registered nurses were least satisfied with the staff patient ratio in their unit and the nursing staffing. There is a significant relationship between nurse to patient ratio and nurses’ satisfactionwith the value of p < 0.05. Conclusion: The hospital management should ensure to maintain adequate nursing staffing in order to provide a positive and healthy workplace environment that can contribute to nurses’ satisfaction

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