Psycho acoustical trauma in select novels of anita desai

Nasreen Begum and Glory K.B

Anita Desai announced a new epoch of psychological realism with her novels and concerned with their psychic life. Psychological trauma is the damage to mind due to severe stress and anxiety. Trauma differs between individuals according to their experiences in life. Anita Desai’s protagonists are psychologically disturbed and abnormal with abusive relationships, rejection and co-dependence. Many people with trauma related psychological symptoms are not identified and do not receive any help. Anita Desai’s women protagonists psyche and personality disturbances are studied. In Fire on the Mountain and Cry the peacock women are psychologically suffering. Her concern is with the psychic and emotional impulses of her characters.Anita Desai brought nature very close in her novel’s, but Nanda Kaul had no interest in nature. These three characters are cut off from the real life and lives in the world of fantasy. The “fire” metaphorically burns slowly with her characters before it literally ignites at the end of the novel. The peacocks dance symbolizes death and freedom from her tortured psyche. Maya identifies herself with peacock. Maya developed long term tendency to be in a negative mood.She suffered from guilt, irritability and anxiety. Neuroticism is a higher order personality traits. Due to advancements in all the areas there has been increase in the treatments of personality disorders which is possible with medications and psychotherapies. Economic empowerment and prosperity of society is possible when women are physically and mentally sound.

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