Prospective study of closure techniques in patients undergoing emergency laparatomies in a tertiary care centre

Raviraj Jadhav., Gayatri Tahiliani., Kavit Shrishrimal., Ali Reza Shojai and Ashok Kalyanshetti

The healing of incision takes place by a dense fibrous scar that unites the opposing faces of laparotomy wound enmasse, this study is intended to show that continuous enmasse closures of laparotomy wounds is preferred to conventional layered closure. This study is a prospective comparative study between mass closure versus conventional layered closure of abdominal wounds with midline and paramedian incisions. It concludes that less time consumption, minimal complications, reduced hospital stay and leaving a reasonably aesthetic scar. Justify the use of single layered closure technique in place of conventional layered closure technique in ventral abdominal incision.

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