The prevalence and associated risk factors of hospital acquired infections (hai) in salmaniyah medical complex, in bahrain

ZainabKefahAlSenan., Abrar Yousef Al Marzooq., Basma Sinan Bukhamseen., Feda’aAlbeladi., GhadeerAllaiwati., MawadahLuayAlawami., Norah Mohammed AlHarthi., ReemMotebAlanazi., RobaMohemmedHamdan., Sukaina Ahmed AlSultan and Raouf Othman

The aim of this study is to provide basic data that will contribute to preventive measures to reduce the spread of hospital acquired infection (HAI) in Salmaniyah Medical Complex (SMC). The objectives of this study are to find out the prevalence of HAI and associated risk factors. The study was conducted in Salmaniyah Medical Complex in the year 2014. It is a cross sectional study that was conducted on patients who were admitted in SMC for more than 48 hours. Basic information like gender, age, duration of hospitalisation and associated risk factors were gathered from the patients’ files. A database of patients was obtained and associated risk factors were identified. The main results were that the prevalence of HAI is 10.7 % and highest among patients above 60 years old. As age increases the length of stay increases. Mechanical ventilation was by far the highest risk factor of HAI. Preventive measures and management planes are highly recommended.

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