Preparation of alumina (al2o3) thin films by sol-gel dip coating and characterization

Balakrishnan G., Priyatosh Kumar Ray., Ranjeet Kumar., Ranjeet Kumar Chaudhary., Ramesh Kumar., Praveen Kumar roy and Gopinath R

Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) thin films are an outstanding ceramic material due to its excellent properties. Al2O3 thin films are deposited on Si (100) and quartz substrates using sol-gel dip coating technique. The films are deposited with 15 dips and the films are annealed at different temperatures such as 100°C, 200°C, 400°C and 600⁰C. The films are analysed using X-ray diffractometer (XRD) and double beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer to study the structural and optical properties. The XRD studies of the films deposited on Si (100) substrates annealed at 200°C, 400°C and 600°C showed the sharp peaks indicating the polycrystalline θ-Al2O3 of cubic structure, whereas the films deposited on quartz substrates indicated the formation of polycrystalline γ-Al2O3 of cubic structure with less intensity. The optical studies of the films on quartz substrates showed the absorbance ~ 265-205 nm wavelength indicating the bandgap of ~ 4.68 eV, 4.82 eV, 5.37 eV and 6.1 eV in the annealed temperature of 100°C, 200°C, 400°C and 600°C respectively. The transmittance of the films is ~90-95% depending on the annealed temperature. The effect of annealed temperature on the structural and optical properties of the Al2O3 films is investigated.

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