Preliminary study and characterization of a prodigiosin producing soil bacteria and applications of biopigment in natural cosmetics

Ruqayya M., Shiza S and Kruti P

Demand for cosmetics and personal care products has increased world over. To enhance aesthetic potential, many cosmetics contain a botanical chromophore. Soil prokaryotes can be used as biofactories for harvesting prodigiosin, for commercial purposes. In this preliminary study, prodigiosin producer was isolated from garden soil from South Mumbai region. The isolate was identified based on general microbiological techniques and Bergey’s manual. Cultural characterization studies were undertaken to establish enhanced biopigment production with longer stability. In this research, bacteria were chosen over botanical extracts due to general ease of handling, quick cultivation and rapid cost effective down streaming.
Prodigiosin extracted from Serratia sp. was used in designing cosmetic and personal care products. Nail paint and antibacterial beauty bars were made during this preliminary investigation. Future studies on Prodigiosin will help in establishing its promising role in other sectors like textile and leather industry.

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