Prediction of cyanobacterial drug for blood cancer through molecular docking

Sangeetha M., Menakha M and Vijaya Kumar S

The aim of the present study was to predict the interaction between selected cyanobacterial bioactive compounds and blood cancer causing target protein. The blood cancer causing target protein, BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase protein structure was selected and used to check the susceptibility with selected cyanobacterial bioactive compounds. The extent of interaction of the selected cyanobacterial bioactive compounds with a target protein was predicted using in silico molecular docking studies. Among the selected cyanobacterial bioactive compounds, Lyngbyabellin D1 was found to be effective and interacted strongly with selected blood cancer causing target protein. The results of the study support the fact that in silico molecular docking studies are very useful in predicting the blood cancer curing drug from cyanobacterial bioactive compounds.

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