Power number correlation agitated immiscible liquid systems

Hamit Topuz and Wilkinson W.L

The dispersion of immiscible liquids in agitated vessels has been studied for range of liquids and geometries under both batch and continuous conditions. Preliminary experiments were first carried out in a small scale single-stage mixer-settler unit operating with a 20% v/v TBP/OK, 5% M nitric acid, uranyl nitrate system. This was followed by measurements of power consumption and particle size distribution in above said systems in 6 and 9 inches baffled a side 20 cm square tank using six-flat bladed turbine type impellers. The particles were measured by a novel design photographical method. The various liquid systems used were MIBK, cyclohexane/water and 20% TBP/OK/0.05 nitric acid. Various fractions were studied 105, 15% and 20%. Impeller speeds varied from 300 rpm to 500 rpm. The power input measurements showed no difference for both batch and continuous flow systems. A constant power number of 4.63 over a large range of Reynolds Number > 104 for the baffled baffled systems, and of 3.74 for the un-baffled vessel of square cross section was obtained. It has been found that mean particles sizes in continuous flow were slightly bigger than that of in batch operations. Power number is measured by the Weber Number defined by We = N2DI3ρm / σ

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.5004.0631