Potentials and prospects of wild edible fruits in central india

Bhairo Prasad Ahirvar., Manjula Verma., Roopa Vishwakarma and Shivaji Chaudhry

Wild edible fruits play an important role in nutrition, medicinal and traditional lifestyles of the local people. The study was carried out in Central India reveals that there are 4 species of wild edible fruits which are available throughout the calendar year. This region is rich in its biodiversity and tribal communities who are dependent on wild resources for the sustenance. Most of the people are either engaged in livelihood through agriculture or forestry-related options. The economical condition of the people is also below the national level as reflected in per capita income. Wild edible fruits of this region are not only consumed but are also sold in local markets. Some value- added products are also prepared for off season sale but the majority of benefits go either to middleman or the businessman. Most of the collectors cited a number of problems in relation to the popularity of wild edible plants. Forest collector people are mostly having primary education level and have the least access to market demand and rate fluctuation information. There is need train the primary collectors for producing quality products out of the wild fruits at the same time there is need to study the nutritional aspect to design better foods for future.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.8565.1385