Performance analysis of ocean current turbine blade


Marine current is a flow or movement of seawater which is influenced by surface wind, tides, coriolis effect, solar heating of the waters near the equator, variations in water density and salinity. Hydro kinetic energy is obtained from these marine currents. Even though harnessing of marine energy not widely used at present, it has huge potential for future electricity generation. Globally technologies are being developed to extract energy from marine currents and converting into useful work. A mechanical device which can extract such energy is called hydro kinetic turbine. This project work focuses on optimization of the hydro kinetic turbine blade for any remote location using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis for the different turbine blade profiles such as NACA 0015 and NACA 0018 for solidity ratio of 0.2 and diameter of 1.8 m and for current speed 1.8 m/s.

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