Perforations in endodontics

Syed Shihaab S and Subash Sharma

Aim: To determine the various causes of perforations and how to overcome problems related to perforation in endodontic procedure
Objective: The objective of this study is to have a detailed idea on perforations in endodontics
Back Ground: Prime objective of an access cavity is to provide straight line pathway to the apical foramen. Perforation occurs due to excess removal of tooth structure or may occur during attempts to locate canals. If straight line access is not attained there is high risk for intracanal accidents. Perforation need to be recognised early to avoid subsequent damage to periodontal tissues with instruments.
Reason: This study is done to have a detailed idea on causes of perforations of root canal and problems related to it. With this study we can have a clear idea on perforations in endodontics.

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