Perceived person-environment fit and employees’ turnover intention

Gokula Krishnan S., Reeves Wesley J and Renjitha Bhaskaran

This article primarily aimed to examine the level of influence by Perceived Person-Environment Fit Scale (PPEFS) on Employees’ Turnover Intention with their present employers through analyzing the predictors of Perceived Person-Environment Fit Scale (PPEFS), i.e. Person-Supervisor Fit Scale (PSFS), Person-Group Fit Scale (PGFS), Person-Organization Fit Scale (POFS) and Person-Job Fit Scale (PJFS). Data are collected from 332 employees, has been tested with KMO sampling adequacy (0.862) and Bartlett’s sphericity test (p = 0.000). Data Analysis has been done through Descriptive Statistics, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Friedman Rank Test and Structural Equation Model. Results were revealed that the PPEFS is significantly predicted by PSFS, PGFS, POFS and PJFS. Further, results were revealed that Perceived Person-Environment Fit Scale is influencing Employees’ Turnover Intention with their present employers.

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