Pemphigus vulgaris: a case report

Khaleequa Tabassum., Md. Tarique Nadeem., Shaistha Afreen and Uma Maheshwari C

Pemphigus Vulgaris is a chronic mucocutaneous disease which usually manifests first in the oral cavity, which later may spread to skin or other mucous membrane. This is a case of 40yr patient who presented with complaints of hyperpigmented lesions over the upper limbs, lower limbs, trunk, back and abdomen and hyperpigmented crusted plaque over the scalp since 7 months. For diagnosis physical examination and immunoflouresense tests were performed. The treatment given was Tab. Methyl prednisolone (15mg-OD), Tab.Methotrexate(12mg/week), Tab.Fluconazole (150mg at night), LIVOGEN (ferrous fumarate-152mg+folic acid-1500mcg). Early the diagnosis and treatment less is the suffering to the patient.

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