Pattern of benign breast diseases with mastalgia in the female population of bihar and its effect upon the selected physiological parameters and perceived stress

Gunjan Trivedi., Mridul K Shukla., V S Prasad and Kamlesh Jha

Introduction: Mastalgia is one of the commonest breast conditions compelling the middle age female population to seek medical attention. It has almost uniform distribution across all the socio-economic strata and geographical areas of the world.

Material and method: Present study aimed to analyze the pattern of the mastalgia related breast conditions in the subjects attending surgical outdoor of the parent Institute. The subjects had been screened systematically, investigated in detail and categorized for appropriate management protocol. They had been further followed up to assess the outcome of various management protocol adopted.

Result and discussion: the result showed about 22% of the female subjects attending surgical OPDs had some complaint related to mastalgia. More than 50% of the cases were suffering from benign breast disease most of whom responded well to reassurance and symptomatic treatment. Malignancy appeared to have significant share among serious conditions which required interventional management. Some of the physiological parameters assessed among them showed significant alterations which include higher perceived stress score, Decreased HRV and decreased HF/LF ratio.

Conclusion: Mastalgia is an important breast condition requiring immediate medical attention. It may be caused by benign as well as malignant conditions and need to be diagnosed at earlier stage. Some of the physiological parameters do also show significant alterations and may be utilized in future to predict outcome measures.

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