Open inguinal hernia repair by lichtenstein tension free mesh hernioplasty versus prolene hernia system repair-a randomized study

Ashok Kaundal., Anil Malhotra., Tushar Aggarwal and Kunal Malhotra

INTRODUCTION: Prolene Hernia System is a tension free anterior inguinal hernia repair using a bilayered modification of inguinal hernia mesh. Inguinal hernia repair by Prolene hernia system is comparable with almost equal operating time, smaller incision and with a trend towards decreased complications rate and reduced rate of recurrences. AIM: This study was conducted to study the compare the results of Prolene Hernia System and Lichtenstein Tension Free mesh hernioplasty with respect to its operative time, post-operative pain, intra/post-operative complications and total hospital stay. METHODS: The effectiveness of PHS were compared to Lichtenstein tension free mesh hernia repair in patients presenting with uncomplicated Inguinal Hernia for elective surgery in the Surgery department of IGMC, Shimla. RESULTS: Duration of surgery was shorter in Prolene Hernia System group (p=0.04) than the Lichtenstein tension free mesh hernioplasty [32 vs 34 minutes], The mean pain intensity in present study was 2.9 in Lichtenstein
tension free mesh hernioplasty group and 2.7 in Prolene Hernia System, No intra-operative complications were seen with either of the two groups. Post-operative complications in the form of Seroma formation were more in Lichtenstein tension free mesh hernioplasty group than Prolene Hernia System group (8 vs 0). There were two cases of recurrence in the Lichtenstein tension free mesh hernioplasty group, while no short term recurrence was seen
in Prolene Hernia System group over 12 weeks. Mean duration of post-operative hospital stay was 1.57 days for Lichtenstein tension free mesh hernioplasty group and 1.33 days for Prolene Hernia System group. CONCLUSION: This study concludes that even though the difference between the two methods in this randomized study were small, the Prolene Hernia System repair method for open inguinal hernia repair was associated with a shorter operative time, lower rate of recurrence, as well as fewer complications when compared with the Lichtenstein tension free mesh hernioplasty. Further prospective studies are needed to rigorously evaluate the comparative advantages of Prolene Hernia System repair in relation to other repair methods.

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