Nuclear forensics; an advancement for establishment of individualization and its role in investigation

Amit Chauhan., Manisha and Shukla S. K

Forensic science revered it as forensics, is about to discover, linkages among the people, places, evidences and events. It involves the examination of biological, behavioral, documentary evidence in the ambience of national and international law. Nuclear forensic sciences serve as a sub-discipline of forensic science that focuses on answering the questions related to any injected or smuggled substantial. These substantial’s include the exploration of nuclear and other revealed radioactive or any evidences that have been contaminated with radionuclides and will provide as potent in the legal proceedings. Given and across above the board, the important use of nuclear forensics can assist in investigation of nuclear security events as well as help to identify and remedy vulnerabilities in security infrastructure. As a preventive measure, nuclear forensics is capable and effective because its support both the identification of deficiencies in substantial as well as in the prosecution of criminal offences related to it. It establishes an important diameter in other aspects such as, smuggled substantial and its source, determination of age and to determine the diameter of radiations (chemical, biological, radioactive, explosives, etc.). Accumulation of these materials in even extreme low doses is also detectable in various biological and environmental samples that can aid to investigate the crime scene, illegal dumping, elicit trafficking, unauthorized misuse of radioactive materials at the sight of international linkage.

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